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crossfit 5000 review

Crossfit 5000 Review
August 15, 2015

Starting CrossFit can be very daunting for some people. The truth is that you need to come and see for yourself because not all gyms are created equal, and we prove that at CrossFit 5000. What you see is what you get because we care about the athletic development of our athletes. We are NOT a commercial sausage factory.


Here is an honest review from one of our older, but certainly not old members. 


I guess for me just starting at Crossfit was a major decision, I have done kick boxing for the past three years and had become quite complacent and slightly bored.   I decided at xmas time that I needed to take more time for myself this year and step outside of my comfort zone and every thing about crossfit is definitely outside of my comfort zone.

Waking into the box for the first time I was a nervous wreck, everything and everyone was new and I felt like I was starting all over again. I struggle with self confidence and with being older than majority of members I found it quite daunting, but I’ve since realized that’s my issue and everyone has been amazing, supportive and welcoming.

I like training at the box as there’s not a competitive vibe and everyone works to improve themselves and not to beat others.

I feel secure training at the box, yourself and Taylor are great trainers and I know you both have your clients best interests at heart and would never put anyone at risk.

I would definitely recommend to anyone to come to crossfit 5000, I’m loving the workouts and very grateful that you adjust some of the exercises for me.

You should be very proud of the business/community that you are building Dave it’s a real testament to the kind of trainer you are.

Well done.


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