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July 1, 2016
Crossfit means for me the end of my old life…to a certain extent.
Gone are the days of training specific body parts in isolation in search for optimal muscular hypertrophy also referred to as bodybuilding, lol
After competing in bodybuilding and one Physique show, I won my division 3 out of the 5 times I had competed. Each time pretty close to the Overall trophy (which I’m pretty proud of as a skinny kid). People now ask me “so you don’t do bodybuilding anymore?” I say no because I KNOW they mean competing on stage and specific body part training…but in reality the answer is YES… I STILL BODYBUILD.
I am not building my body for size I’m building my body for strength, for function, for athleticism and to actually get rid of injuries I have had for years (which was always put aside for my obsession to gain size). Crossfit uses so many different aspects to help improve one’s wellbeing but the end goal is to be well rounded in so many things that you can adapt to any task laid in front of you. Not just in the gym, but in sport, work and even around the house.

 I remember the days when my legs used to be so destroyed and back tight from training legs, then next day attempt to sit in the garden and weed…yep not fun and very short lived.

So like ‘bodybuilding’ (Please picture Dr Evil from Austin Powers for this) Crossfit is about being balanced but instead of that meaning balance in symmetry and proportions it now means balance to be a better athlete. What’s the point of looking athletic and fit but being far from it? Your kids think you are strong and fit but you struggle to chase after them with a soccer ball? Crossfit means that I now have a never ending goal but this time it is improving my life and wellbeing for now AND for years to come.

So the answer is YES I still body build but I just do it through Crossfit!

Alf Connolly

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