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December 2, 2017

Member of the Month is stupid…


When I see a gym or a workplace give out member of the month or employee of the month it tells me a lot about that business.


First of all why do it?


Seriously, why do need to give one person credit more than others each month? Why do you need to give an incentive to get people to work, which as a result only gets people working to impress another person and letting that person dictate who gets that recognition. This just screams bad environment!


By singling out one as outstanding you leave out so many that may doing the same but then also saying “you did great BUT…this person did better”. Ouch!
If you want to give a person credit JUST DO IT! Just remember it better be a damn good reason why they get the credit and someone else doesn’t. (Coz that’s how people feel)


For example we have a member who just ran a half marathon which is an amazing achievement on so many levels. We also have another member who works 5-6 days a week, trains 4-5 days Crossfit (5.30am class), has a 1 year old, runs another business outside work hours, which doesn’t get him home until 9-9.30pm at night, struggles with mobility issues and is coming back from a few injuries. He got his first Handstand Push up 3 weeks ago, which for his upper body mobility and life schedule is such a huge achievement.


There are so many great stories and people just doing great things. How can we credit one and not the other? How do we accept that choice to come from someone’s ‘opinion’? I guess it would be easier if I didn’t know everyone’s stories…


At the end of the day gyms are a business and this is where the whole “member of the month” concept comes from. Apparently it gives people the warm and fuzzies when they hear a great story. It gets people talking about it but brings people together to give that person a well deserved pat on the back. On the surface this is true but on a personal level everyone has their own battles and victories but only some make noise while most do it silently.

I say let people find pride in what they do and let it bring confidence within themselves instead of creating an environment where only one person gets acknowledged publicly every 4 weeks because someone paid $3k for a business marketing course. In a society where self image is dictated by social media let’s not bring that into Crossfit.


Make people be proud of the effort they put in NOT from someone else’s opinion!

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